Things you should never buy used at garage sales- Part 2

Everybody likes a bargain, but the following items you would probably be better off not picking up used at garage sales.

> Mattresses-
Bed bugs are growing every day and the chances are that used mattresses might have some. Plus the fact that you will end up sleeping with other people’s mites, bacteria, mold and body fluids. (eecks!)

> Upholstered furniture-
Again, upholstered furniture could have bed bugs, spiders, fleas as well as mysterious stains and odors. Steer clear unless you plan on reupholstering it.

> Sheets and pillowcases-
You can wash them in extra hot water, but that might not get rid of the bed bugs.

> Stuffed animals-
Stuffed animals are really difficult to put through the hot water cycle in your washing machine and they might just fall apart. Just like mattresses, they might have those creepy crawlies inside.

>Baby bottles-
The first thing that comes to comes to mind is cracks and sanitation. The critical thing to worry about is BPA that can be found in older bottles and as of June 2012, the FDA no longer says it is safe. Go with the new bottles just to be safe.

> Fragrances or makeup (new or old)
The quality of these products lessens over the years and they do expire. Even if the item looks new in the box, skip it unless you can find the date it was manufactured.

> Laptops-
Laptops get dropped a lot, spilled on, knocked around etc. because they are portable. A desktop is safer because it just sits at home.

> Shoes-
Used shoes mold to the owners feet and poorly fitting shoes are miserable. Forget it.

> Running shoes-
Used running shoes usually don’t have the cushioning that runners need. Get new shoes so you’ll have the protection for feet, legs and knees.

> Hats-
Here’s some gross stuff- hate can contain leftovers from the prior owner’s sweat, hair products and skin infections. Don’t buy them!

> Clothes that require a tailored fit-
Unless you can try it on to make sure it fits, it will probably cost you more money to alter it than what you have saved on it.

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