Things you should never buy used at garage sales- Part 1

Everybody likes a bargain, but the following items you would probably be better off not picking up used at garage sales.

> Wet suits and swimsuits-
Technically, personal products and clothes that cling to your body are safe if you wash them in hot water, but still be cautious. Changes is water pressure also can wear out swimsuits so it’s likely that a used swimsuit or wet suit will tear.

> Helmets-
All helmets rather it be motorcycle or bicycle, are meant for one accident only. It is sometimes hard to tell if a helmet is damaged, so buy a new helmet to be sure you have the right protection.

> Plasma TVs-
It is hard to tell how electronic devices such as TVs, DVD players etc. have been treated by their prior owners. You might be better off buying a new quality device. If the product is refurbished by the manufacturer, you’ll be fine because they give you a warranty. With a garage sale, it’s hit and miss.

> Used pots, pans, plates and other cookware-
Older cookware can have rusty flaky non-stick surfaces that tend to seep out and can be a safety problem.

> Cribs-
It is difficult to determine a used crib’s safety because of all the recalls and safety standard changes.

>Child car seats-
Just like helmets, car seats are meant for one accident only. A survey found that damaged car seats are common-one in ten have been in an accident. Don’t take a chance.

> Tires-
You don’t know the history and they may be unreliable or unstable if they’ve been in an accident.

> Blenders and other kitchen appliances-
Blades and their mechanisms can become dull or wear down over time, even if the blender looks great on the outside.

> DVDs, VHS tapes, CDs-
You can’t see all the scratches, and they ruin these items. Plus VHS tapes can lower in quality the more they are played and disintegrate over time.

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