Niles, Ill,- 14 animals in foster homes after bus crashes into shelter-Needs Help!

Wright-Way Rescue dogs and cats were taken to foster homes after a school bus crashed into the Niles, Illinois animal shelter on Oct. 2, causing massive damage to the structure of the building. The people that operate the shelter are looking for a new place to locate the day after the accident happened. Luckily, no children were on board the bus and none of the shelter’s employees or animals was hurt.

There was one cat that escaped during the mishap, but it was found unharmed.

“We basically are homeless. The building doesn’t appear to be savable. So Wright-Way Rescue needs to be rescued. We have no building, and we operate on about 10-percent of the budget that similarly -sized organizations do,” Christy Anderson said.

Volunteers are helping to clear the seriously damaged building by moving the shelter’s pet food and computers to a warehouse nearby. The workers have had to put on hold their shipment of new rescue animals from downstate Illinois.

The 62-year-old woman who was driving the school bus at the time was cited for losing control of her vehicle.

If you are able to adopt a dog or cat or make a donation to Wright-Way, please visit Wright-Way Rescue at

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